Grant Recipients since 2014

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Total awards per year: 2014: $50,514; 2015 total: $49,600; 2016 total: $50,246

Grant RecipientGrant AwardYear Awarded
African Burying Ground Committee$2,5002014
Cross Roads House$1,5002014
End 68 Hours of Hunger$2,0002014
Fair Tide$1,5002014
First Congregational Church of Kittery Point$5002014
Fuel & More$1,0002014
Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains$2,0002014
Girl Scouts of Maine$1,5002014
Gundalow Company$2,0002014
HomeHealth Visiting Nurses$1,0002014
Kittery Adult & Community Education$2,8162014
Kittery Art Association$1,0002014
Kittery Historical & Navel Society$1,2002014
Kittery Land Trust$3,0002014
Merrimack Valley Hospice$1,0002014
Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire$1,5002014
Portsmouth Athenaeum$1,0902014
Portsmouth Historical Society$1,0002014
Portsmouth Public Library$5002014
Rice Public Library$2,5002014
Seacoast Pathways$2,0002014
Seacoast Repertory Theatre$2,0002014
Shoals Marine Laboratory$2,5002014
Stage Force$2,0002014
St. John's Church$2,0002014
Traip Academy$2,5002014
Wood Island Life Saving Station Association$1,9082014
York Land Trust$2,5002014
York Hospital$2,0002014
City of Portsmouth$2,0002015
Cross Roads House$1,5002015
End 68 Hours of Hunger$2,0002015
Fair Tide$2,0002015
Families First Heath and Support Center$1,0002015
Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains$2,0002015
Girl Scouts of Maine$2,0002015
Gundalow Company$2,5002015
Habitat for Humanity York County$1,5002015
Joan G. Lovering Health Center$1,5002015
Kittery Adult & Community Education$1,7002015
Kittery Historical & Naval Society$1,2002015
Kittery Land Trust$3,0002015
New Hampshire Public Radio$2,0002015
New Heights$2,0002015
Planned Parenthood of Northern New England$1,5002015
Portsmouth Athenaeum$1,2002015
Portsmouth Public Library$5002015
Prescott Park Arts Festival$2,0002015
Rice Public Library$2,0002015
Seacoast Family Promise$1,0002015
Seacoast Pathways$1,0002015
Shoals Marine Laboratory$2,0002015
Star Island Corporation$2,0002015
Strawbery Banke Museum$1,0002015
Traip Academy$3,0002015
York Hospital$2,0002015
York Land Trust$2,5002015
Arts In Reach$1,000 2016
Cross Roads House$1,500 2016
End 68 Hours of Hunger$2,000 2016
Fair Tide$2,000 2016
Families First Heath and Support Center$1,000 2016
Footprints Inc.$2,000 2016
Fuel & More$1,500 2016
Girl Scouts of Maine$2,000 2016
Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains$2,000 2016
Gundalow Company$2,500 2016
HAVEN$1,000 2016
Joan G. Lovering Health Center$1,500 2016
Kittery Adult & Community Education$1,938 2016
Kittery Art Association$5002016
Kittery Historical & Naval Society$1,200 2016
Kittery Land Trust$3,000 2016
My Breast Cancer Support$5002016
Portsmouth Athenaeum$1,200 2016
Portsmouth Historical Society$1,000 2016
Portsmouth Public Library$5002016
Prescott Park Arts Festival$2,000 2016
Rice Public Library$2,000 2016
Seacoast Mental Health Center, Inc$5002016
Seacoast Pathways$1,000 2016
Seacoast Repertory Theatre$1,500 2016
Strawberry Banke Museum$1,500 2016
Shoals Marine Laboratory - University of New Hampshire$2,000 2016
The Dance Hall$1,000 2016
Traip Academy$1,500 2016
Warner House Association$1,000 2016
Wood Island Life Savings Station Association$1,908 2016
York Hospital$2,000 2016
York Land Trust$2,500 2016